Used HEI distributor for an Inline 250 to be converted for use with TBI


Guts removed except Vacuum


Guts from a 88 4.5L HEI distributor - all fits - I'll have tap new threads for the

 7 pin module and lock the vacuum coil holder in place.


lastly I'll have to modify where the vacuum advance came out so that the wiring strain relief will fit

Had to drill new holes for the module,  the screw size is 6-32, you can get this tap from sears

This is the strain relief cut out .  Cut off disk and grinding using a dremel tool

Strain Relief fits well,  will need to drill and thread for the Ground. Screw size 6-32

Cut off the end of the vacuum advance and flipped it over. I can adjust the coil the same distance as the vacuum did.  This is for fazing.

All the guts installed. 

For the shaft and rotor, being as this is a spare dizzy. I decided to drill and install a roll pin.  I cut the weights plate off the shaft.

Finished Dizzy.